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Writing for web sites and online marketing materials is quite different than writing for traditional media. It can be a frustrating experience - even for the most fluent writers. And, without a strong written message, your web site or marketing campaign simply won't compete.

Deaf, 'Numb' and Blind
In the media-rich world we live, it's easy to become 'numb' to the effects of poor communications. We are inundated with sloppy, poorly conceived, disjointed messages on a regular basis. From hastily worded interoffice messages, to cryptic traffic signs and billboards, to brochures that read like term papers; bad communications are just another part of our daily lives. Are your customers 'numb' to your message?

Words and Design Go Hand-in-hand
Just like poorly designed web sites, poor writing will fail to communicate your message effectively. It will thwart your visitor's confidence and will cripple your attempts to generate interest. On a given day, thousands of 'amateurs' are crafting their own message for the web, print, radio, TV, and other mediums without the slightest consideration of the impact it will have on their business, sales, and reputation. Your webmaster likely doesn't have a writing background. And, unless your employees are Internet marketing and communications specialists, they probably aren't qualified to convey your message either.

Communicating with Confidence
NetCentric appreciates your hard-earned reputation and understands the importance of appropriate, informative, and compelling communications. That's why we employ only professional and experienced writers and editors who can communicate your message with clarity, generate visitor interest, and justify your business reputation. We offer writing and editing services for the following:

  • Business - professional business communications for impact and clarity
  • Promotional - promotional messages for pre-sales promotion and advertising campaigns
  • Public Relations - attention grabbing press and announcements
  • Technical/Scientific - clear and concise manuals, support documents, and specifications
  • and, other writing services as required

Your commitment to professional communications is reflected in your web site, online marketing message, and your reputation. NetCentric's writing services put the polishing touch on each.

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Put Your Online Reputation in Our Hands.
NetCentric is Your Partner for Internet Communications.

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