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Visitor Retention

Web Site Visitor Retention

The Makings of a Sticky Web Site

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Your visitor retention strategy should be to keep visitors on your web site as long as possible. By doing so, you build awareness for your brand, you generate interest in your products and services, you help establish your credibility, and you increase the probability of visitors conducting business with you.

How long does the average visitor stay on your web site? How many pages do they click before they exit? Which pages do they typically exit from? Not sure? Advanced web site statistics from NetCentric can help identify what your visitors are doing and why. Visitors tend to leave a web site quickly for a variety of reasons.

Top-7 Reasons Visitors Leave:

  1. Your web site fails to establish credibility.
    Your web site design lacks the professionalism your visitors demand.
  2. Your web site message is confusing.
    Failing to be clear about your offering will result in disappointed visitors.
  3. Your web site fails to compel visitors to act.
    A hastily composed web site will fail to generate interest and visitor interaction.
  4. Your web site is difficult to navigate and use.
    Unlike traditional shopping, where a visitor has to drive to town and get out of the car, online shoppers only have to hit their back button.
  5. Broken links and old content fail to inspire confidence.
    Your lack of commitment is obvious.
  6. Your web site links take visitors off-site.
    Getting carried away with off-site links can be dangerous.
  7. Your offering is either not competitive or not widely accepted.
    A solid business plan would have identified consumer demand for your product or services.

Keeping Visitors Interested and Involved
There are any number of ways to retain your visitors. First you must ensure your web site is professionally designed and developed, and in optimum working condition. Next, you must be absolutely sure your message is clear and concise. From your home page, you must ensure that your visitors feel confident in your abilities as a vendor. Then you must make it easy to find your offerings.

Once you've conquered these challenges, the next step is to get your visitors to investigate and interact. To do so relies on two strategies - informing and providing interesting functionality. For example, a mortgage company might describe their loans and provide a mortgage calculator for their visitors to calculate their payments. An accountant might provide interesting insights into the tax laws and provide a worksheet for estimating current taxes. A sales consultant might offer a newsletter on sales tips and assessments for gauging the visitors sales competencies.

Other Great Retention Ideas
Some other ideas worth investigating are:

  • Online community features - chats and discussion forums
  • Fun ways to learn - games, quizzes, and contests
  • Gather opinions - surveys and opinion polls
  • Training opportunities - online webinars and webshops
  • Featured events - audio/video webcasts

Each of these ideas will help with your web site visitor retention efforts. When implemented properly, this effort will yield happier, more informed, better-qualified customers. Since 1998, NetCentric has been implementing visitor retention strategies for clients of all industries. If your web site requires a custom implementation, contact NetCentric for a free consultation today!

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