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Internet Marketing Analysis & Reporting

Information Is Key to Growth and Success

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In the digital era we live, few factors influence your online success as much as good information. Your ability to digest, process, and act quickly on that information will have a resounding impact on your destiny. Unfortunately, much of the information you need is often decentralized and less than helpful in its native format. That's why NetCentric provides professional information analysis and timely reporting. Armed with more useful information, your organization is able to formulate better strategies and tactics, and change course quickly and efficiently.

NetCentric's analysis and reporting services help you make sense of the critical information that affects your success. We use a variety of proprietary software tools to gather and condense the required statistical information. The incoming data is then analyzed by an experienced marketing consultant. We then take the raw data, our analysis, and the complex terms and concepts, and simplify it into a more 'humanly-digestible' format. The end result is always an executive summary that provide a quick glance overviews of trends and anomalies. Detailed documentation is also provided in support of our analysis.

Some of our most popular analysis and reporting services are listed below. Click the links to learn more.

  • Web site usage
    Get rid of that hit counter on your web site. Find out what's really happening behind the scenes with cumulative, monthly, and growth trend reports on visitors, web page views, usage popularity, page popularity, top entrance and exit pages, time on site, path through site, top referring web sites, as well as search engine traffic and keyword analysis.

  • Search engine rank and competition
    Use this information to develop strategies for enhancing your visibility on the search engines. Find out which keywords result in the best ranked web pages, your web site's overall visibility by engine, ranking on each engine, gain and loss ranking trends, and an analysis of your competitors and their strengths.

  • Promotion campaign results
    To gauge the overall effectiveness of your advertising and marketing campaigns, NetCentric can provide reporting on message popularity, click-through rates, and even message-to-sale reporting (depending on your e-commerce system's capabilities). This data will help you fine-tune your marketing campaigns into well-oiled performance machines and carve away the under-performing components.

  • Email marketing tracking
    Knowing which email messages are making impact is important to your future communications. With our robust email marketing system, we can accurately report message deliverability, opens, failures (bounces), and why a message failed to be delivered, i.e., spam filtering or bad email address. In addition, we can track individual mail recipient activity from the time they open the message to the links they click on.

  • Web site architecture and usability
    This report offers key insights into your web site's performance from an architectural (development implementation) and a visitor usability perspective. It is designed to assess web sites that are struggling to meet their online goals of web site traffic, lead collection, and e-commerce. Your web site is reviewed from both a visitor's perspective and a search engine robot's perspective. Any potential issues are identified. An in-depth analysis is also provided of web site visitor behavior to identify potential problems with usability, message effectiveness, and perception.

NetCentric's analysis and reporting services provide you with a unique perspective - the 'big picture' - of your web and marketing initiatives. No more guessing and 'gut instincts' for your future strategies and tactics - only sound decisions based on good information. To learn more about our analysis and reporting services, contact NetCentric for a free consultation today!

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Internet Marketing Analysis
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