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Keeping the Focus on Business - Not Just Design

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You've seen it before - web designs that are a hasty composition of logos, pictures, and text. It really makes you wonder, "is this the type of organization I want to do business with?" Yet each year, thousands of individuals and companies attempt to build their own web site, or 'shop it out' to freelance artists, hobbyists, students, offshore entities, and friends that are 'good on the computer'. Web design is really about reputation. It's about business. With that in mind, we pose the following questions. What impression do you want to make on your customers?

You and Your Customers Demand Respect, Expertise, and Professionalism
And, that's why NetCentric is not just a web design company. Our focus in on business - your business. Our expertise supports every aspect of your business from overall image, to marketing, sales, and customer support. Unlike most web designers, our work is not complete when we deliver your web site - it's only just beginning. By delivering follow-up services in marketing, promotion, maintenance, reporting, and training, NetCentric helps to ensure your return on investment, your overall business growth, and your online success.

NetCentric is Your Internet Marketing Partner
Internet businesses suffer from an astoundingly-high rate of failure - rates disproportionate to traditional business. This is due the 'do-it-yourself mentality', an over-reliance on technology, a virtual blackmarket that's too willing to take advantage of non-technical consumers, unqualified and unethical providers, and little to no emphasis on Internet strategy. NetCentric's wants to change the way Internet projects are conducted. By offering services with a true Internet business focus, we believe we can earn the role of your trusted partner.

A partnership with NetCentric offers several benefit unheard of in this industry.

  • Strategic Services - Better campaign research and planning results in a stronger bottom line.
  • Web Design Services - Emphasis on business delivers a stronger image, better communications, more qualified prospects, and greater sales.
  • Web Development Services - More dedicated approach to marketing ensures technical applications don't loose their 'human' touch.
  • Web Marketing & Promotion Services - Comprehensive approach to marketing and sales offers predictable campaigns, better consumer awareness, greater traffic flow, more targeted interest, and reduced sales costs.
  • Creative Services - Supporting services for clearer communications and more compelling calls to action.
  • Multimedia Services - High value multimedia implementations for delivering a message with impact, establishing expertise, and reducing costs.
  • Maintenance Services - Ongoing support that keep your site fresh, inviting, and always informative.
  • Analysis/Reporting Services - Informative follow-up services that elaborate on campaign performance and return on investment.
  • Training Services - Custom educational opportunities for growing Internet skills.
  • Other Services - Not our mainstream business but necessities for any web design project.

Each of these services are designed to help your online business get online fast and thrive. When you're ready to get 'NetCentric', contact us for your free consultation.

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