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N. Scott Bennett Biography

Company Founder

N. Scott Bennett Biography

Mr. Bennett is the founder and sole proprietor of NetCentric Technologies, a Huntsville, Alabama based Internet Marketing & Web Development consulting firm.

In 1998, becoming increasingly aware of a need for professional Internet marketing services, Mr. Bennett formed NetCentric Technologies. The company's focus was to address a 'second-tier' of consulting services left vacant by inexperienced web design shops and a 'virtual black market' all too willing to take advantage of the 'non-technical' business owner.

NetCentric's formation was motivated by the bustling, high-tech, start-up economy of the late 1990's; a strong local network of talented service providers; and a considerable backlog of freelance work. After three years of doing business as NetCentric Technologies, the company was incorporated as a limited liability corporation (LLC) in 2001.

Under Mr. Bennett's leadership, NetCentric diversified its web design and development focus to become one of Alabama's premier full-service Internet marketing agencies. The company now offers strategic research, analysis, and planning; and a host of design, development, marketing, communications, advertising, and promotion services. These many services provide our clients with the tools to better compete on an extremely competitive Internet. Each project focuses on brand building, clear communications, strong usability, and visitor interaction, with the end result being greater traffic, prospects, leads, and sales.

Mr. Bennett is a noted author, illustrator (Business Alabama, Windows & PC Magazine, MicroStation Manager, Aviation Week), speaker, trainer, and mentor. His experience includes 11 years as a Senior Marketing Consultant for Intergraph Corporation, where he helped develop and refine their first Internet presence, as well as their imaging and computer-aided design (CAD) product marketing strategies. Prior to that, he dedicated nearly a decade to the marketing and sales efforts of Fortune 50 corporations like United Technologies (Pratt & Whitney) and Lockheed Martin (previously Martin Marietta). Mr. Bennett brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, publishing, and computer-aided design to NetCentric's management team.

Mr. Bennett is a 1982 graduate of Tampa Technology Institute. He has been a Huntsville resident since 1989 and is actively involved with a number of causes both Christian and secular. A primary interest is the development of the information technology industry for the State of Alabama. He the President of the Winchester Estates Homeowners' Association, a member of the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce, and a proud supporter of the Huntsville Rescue Mission, the March of Dimes, the Humane Society, local business incubators, and other worthy causes.

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N. Scott Bennett
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