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Professional Photography Services
Photography Services Alabama

Professional Photography Services

'Get the Picture' with the Right Picture

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The photography and graphics your choose for your web site are just as relevant to your overall message as the wording itself - maybe even more important. Why? Because the pictures you choose are a reflection of your business identity. Each picture has an emotional impact on your visitors. Each determines your visitors' mindset and their willingness to consider your offering.

Consider the Following Example:
For each person, the pictures below inspire an emotional response. If you ask 10 people to look at these pictures, you may get 10 different responses. However, if you ask 100 people to look at these pictures, a common emotional trend will begin to emerge.

Look at each picture from a consumer's perspective. Disregard your historical impressions of the people in the pictures. Assume the pictures are representatives of the company. Now, what is your emotional response to each picture? Do the pictures inspire your confidence or do they generate some kind of negative response? Are the pictures appropriate? Think about how each picture makes you feel.

From left to right: Jesus Christ, George W. Bush,
Lucille Ball, Charles Lindbergh, Yasser Arafat.
2nd row: Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy,
Amelia Earhart, Adolf Hitler, Hillary Clinton.

It probably goes without saying, as a business, you likely wouldn't have pictures of Hitler or Ghandi on your web site. However, the pictures you do have will generate an equally strong emotional response. It doesn't really matter if the pictures are of people, objects, or your facilities, you'll want to make sure the viewer's response is a positive one - one that reinforces your message and your reputation.

NetCentric offers the photographic services you'll need to represent your company in a thoughtful, respectable, yet compelling manner. From our custom photography services (your facility, products, and executives) to a wide variety of stock images, NetCentric will help your visitors 'get the right picture'.

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