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What Our Customers Are Saying...

Customer Portfolio, References, and Testimonials

The following are unsolicited comments and references from current and previous NetCentric Technologies customers. Where available, links will take you to samples of our work. Contact NetCentric today to become our next happy customer!

Clients by Industry:
Banking : Construction : Distributors : Education : Finance : Fortune 1000
Entertainment : Insurance : Legal : Manufacturing : Medical : Non-Profit
Past Customers : Retail : Services : Technology : Textiles : Travel

Fortune 1000

Avocent Corporation

"NetCentric did an amazing job for us in creating a dazzling multimedia presentation for a new project. They grasped what we were doing, presented a concept, and handled both the creative and technical aspects of the message that we wanted to convey to our potential clients. What we received was a stunning multimedia show that was relevant and appropriate for all of our high level presentations to major corporate customers."
Glen Honeycutt, Applications Engineering Manager
NetCentric produced the following Flash demonstrations for a new product for airport advertisment systems. The animations were displayed at an Avocent tradeshow on a 16:9 ratio high-definition plasma display so you may notice some distortion on a computer monitor. (circa 2002)
Avocent Corporation

Avocent Digital Desktops

"Kudos to you, and thanks for all the hard work and attention to detail."
Kate Gray, MarCom Manager
After a frustrating experience with another web firm, NetCentric worked with Avocent Digital Desktops to produce a unique website but one with similar characteristics and in compliance with Avocent corporate standards. Digital Desktops' website was later incorporated into the corporate Avocent website.(circa 2003)
Avocent Digital Desktops

Intergraph Public Safety, Utilities, and Federal Systems

"Not only did they help to complete the new site on time but they suggested several changes that made the design even better. It was a hit with our customers."
Bill Johnson, Executive Manager
During our infancy as a company, NetCentric was chosen by Intergraph Public Safety to create their new website. As an entity separate from Intergraph Corporation, IPS wanted their own unique look - one that spoke clearly of their mission. The IPS website was later reabsorbed into the corporate website. (circa 2000)
Intergraph Public Safety

Intergraph Solutions Group

Sorry, no link available - Private Intranet (circa 2004)
Intergraph Solutions Group, TDOT

Disney Sports Attractions
Orlando Rays Professional Baseball

"This looks GREAT!!! You did a wonderful job. Let's post it! Thanks again for all of your work on this site. Everyone is really happy."
Amanda Harry, Associate Marketing Manager

NetCentric was referred to the Orlando based client as a "team who could get the job done." We were able to meet and exceed the expectations of the Disney staff with the new website design. NetCentric worked with Disney until the O-Rays (the AAA farm team for the MLB Tampa Bay Devil Rays) were sold to Montgomery Alabama (now the Montgomery Biscuits). (circa 2001)
Orlando Rays Baseball


First Jackson Bank

"The FDIC auditor said she liked our website a lot, and you can count that as a compliment for sure!"
Freida Hess
First Jackson Bank chose NetCentric based on a customer referral. The bank was seeking a more current and professional online image and enhanced usability for their clients in North Alabama and South Central Tennessee. Adding to the challenge of this project was ensuring all coding could pass the various security audits required of the bank's IT systems. (circa 2009)
First Jackson Bank


CDS-John Blue

"The board really liked the home page concept. Please go with it - looks great!"
Diana Kuhl Stubbs
A company established since 1886 chooses their partners carefully. CDS-John Blue, a manufacturer of irrigation pumps and pumping supplies, chose NetCentric to redevelop their online presence and jumpstart their Internet marketing activities. NetCentric worked with both Huntsville and California management to reestablish their website content, look, and feel. The most complex aspect of the project was to program an online pump calculator that allows pump users to calculate the necessary pump settings for their irrigation and chemical injection needs. Shortly after the launch of the new website, NetCentric embarked upon an aggressive spanish translation of the new site. John Blue is now working with NetCentric to enhance their search engine presence and to explore various online marketing opportunities. (circa 2007)
CDS-John Blue

Pit Bull Products

"The front page looks fine. We're good to move on to the other pages."
George Hoffman
Pit Bull Products, a highly respected manufacturer of motorcycle racing and maintenance equipment, waited for over a year for a small Huntsville web design firm to complete their website redesign. It never happened. Pit Bull then reluctantly contacted NetCentric to begin the process of redesigning their e-commerce website. NetCentric completed the project within 90 days. Included in the project was a Miva Merchant shopping cart, custom Miva modules, search engine optimization, and some website maintenance. NetCentric continues to work with Pit Bull (circa 2007)
Pit Bull

Plasma Processes, Inc

"I don't casually refer companies to anyone. But I have to make an exception and let you know about a local vendor we've had some real success doing business with. The company is NetCentric Technologies."
Cheri McKechnie, Marketing Director
NetCentric developed the current PPI website and maintained it for several years. (circa 2000)
Plasma Processes


OB-GYN Associates

"I like the idea of saving money with you and your creative thinking."
Susan Stewart, Practice Administrator
Huntsville's NetCentric Technologies was chosen above other local and out-of-state design firms for the OB-GYN Associates practice's website project. The core of the project was to migrate away from the "cookie cutter" website they currently leased through a medical practice website provider and into a custom design that could serve their needs better than their current provider. The website was designed and optimized to perform well in the search engines. (circa 2008)
OB-GYN Associates

Center for Colon and Digestive Disease

"Good job! Yes I do approve of the design."
Dale Taylor, Executive Manager
Currently with their second redesigned website, the largest gastroenterology practice in Alabama, the Center for Colon and Digestive Disease (previously Huntsville Gastroenterology Associates), has long valued the support and creative thinking of NetCentric Technologies. More importantly, CCDD patients enjoy the convenience of an easy-to-use and informational website. The CCDD has been a customer since 2000.
Center for Colon and Digestive Disease


Alabama ACH Association

"I love it!! You did a great job writing this, it sounds so official. Thanks for all you do!"
Pam Rodriguez, ALACHA Executive Director
"I wish my web site looked this good."
Alabama ACH Association

Southern Financial Exchange (SFE)

"Wow. High 5!"
Linda Bradfield, President & CEO
Southern Financial Exchange

American Association of Men in Nursing

Having worked with the AAMN Executive Director at another association, NetCentric was chosen to help AAMN meets its goals with regard to e-commerce. NetCentric worked within the existing website design to implement a low-cost shopping cart for conference registration, membership payments, membership renewals, and donations. A simple yet elegant solution was provided to AAMN members to accomodate the sliding dues schedule for association renewals.
American Association of Men in Nursing


Art Unlimited Sportswear

"The concepts for the home page as well as the second page look great!"
Andrea Scharpf - Marketing Manager
NetCentric was contacted on referral to provide a low-cost e-commerce solution for the Wisconsin owners of this sportwear retailer and embroiderer. Since the website launch, NetCentric has assisted with website and store maintenance as well as fraud prevention. (circa 2006)
Art Unlimited Sportswear

Art Unlimited Sportswear

"The concepts for the home page as well as the second page look great!"
Andrea Scharpf - Marketing Manager
NetCentric was contacted to provide a low-cost catalog solution for the Wisconsin owners of this resortwear retailer and embroiderer. Since the website launch, NetCentric has assisted with website and store maintenance as well as fraud prevention. (circa 2008)
Art Unlimited Resortwear

Metro Spy Supply

Metro Spy Supply Manager
Metro Spy Supply

Clients by Industry:
Accounting : Construction : Distributors : Education : Fortune 1000
Entertainment : Insurance : Legal : Manufacturing : Medical : Non-Profit
Retail : Services : Technology : Textiles : Travel


Metro Investigations

Metro Investigations

Clients by Industry:
Accounting : Construction : Distributors : Education : Fortune 1000
Entertainment : Insurance : Legal : Manufacturing : Medical : Non-Profit
Retail : Services : Technology : Textiles : Travel


PMG Software Professionals

"Looks great! Let's Go! Approved!"
Pat Broussard, President
NetCentric was referred to provide a new website for this civil engineering software and services provider. (circa 2009)
PMG Software Professionals

Emergency CallWorx

"Looks great!"
Betty Hall, Marcom Manager
NetCentric was referred to provide a new website for this 911 system provider. In addition, NetCentric handles website maintenance and assists with print collateral and user interface design work for the CallWorx dispatch management system. (circa 2008)
Emergency CallWorx

ChangeTools, Inc.

"Looks good!"
Fred Ordway, CEO & Co-Founder

Clients by Industry:
Accounting : Construction : Distributors : Education : Fortune 1000
Entertainment : Insurance : Legal : Manufacturing : Medical : Non-Profit
Retail : Services : Technology : Textiles : Travel

Past Customers


Anglin - Reichmann, P.C.


Blount Recycling, Inc.


You Bet Shiraz!

"Looks great!"
Fred Ordway, US Distributor
NetCentric was tasked with creating a website that portrayed the unique brand for this award winning wine. This was achieved through a contemporary design coupled with an earthy color scheme, and a Flash animation that built upon the logo. You Bet Shiraz is now owned by another company. (circa 2003)
You Bet Shiraz


The Pinnacle Schools

Pinnacle Schools

University of Alabama at Birmingham
Center for Biophysical Sciences & Engineering

"The final product for the home page looks great and is accepted."
Michael Harrington, P.E.
Associate Center Director for Engineering
NetCentric's relationship with UAB/CBSE developed through our participation in the Alabama Information Technology Association. We developed two web site designs for CBSE over the years and supported their various marketing and maintenance needs. (circa 2001)


Rocket 95.1 FM - Star 99 FM
STG Media

"Looks great. Let's rock with this!"
Rob Harder, Vice President
NetCentric assisted Rocket 95 and Star 99 (STG Media) for a couple of years with new online images for their classic rock and adult contemporary radio stations. The project was not only required a new look but also a simplistic content management system (CMS) that enabled radio personalities to update the website on their own without any knowledge of web coding. (circa 2001)
STG Media, Rocket 95.1 FM, Star 99 FM



NetCentric was tasked with developing a new website for online term life insurance lead collection and policy quoting. In addition, website maintenance, custom programming, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising campaigns were provided for the client. (circa 2003)
LifeTerm Insurance


Werdehoff & Werdehoff, Attorneys at Law

Werdehoff & Werdehoff

Balch & Bingham, LLP

"Thanks for doing such a great job on our IPO posting."
Lana Hawkins, Co-Chair Technology Practice Group
In our earliest days as a Huntsville web design firm, NetCentric contracted with Balch & Bingham to produce their Technology Law Counselors website. NetCentric provided website design, maintenance, and a variety of other services for Balch & Bingham for a couple years before the website was integrated into the corporate website. (circa 2002)
Balch & Bingham


LunaTech, Inc.

"I am thrilled with the look of the new web site! Thank You."
Amanda McLean, President
NetCentric was utilized to redesign and maintain LunaTech's existing Pyropak website - a site previously developed and maintained by one of Huntsville's largest web development and Internet firms. Upon completion of the Pyropak website, LunaTech contracted us to redesign their Oxral Electric Matches website. Sadly, LunaTech was forced to sell their business shortly after the tragic nightclub fire in Rhode Island. (circa 2002)
LunaTech, Inc.

Kware Inc.

"The new changes on the Kware site look good"
Rueul Dulaney, Proprietor
Kware Inc.


Alabama Information Technology Association (AITA)

"Wow this is great! I did not realize we were getting so much traffic. Great work!"
Tim Taylor, Chairman & Co-Founder
Alabama Information Technology Association

ALS Association - Alabama Chapter

"Thanks for your superfast response! I didn't expect you to give me a prototype so quickly!"
Stuart Oberman, Chairman
ALS Association - Alabama Chapter

Alabama Treasury Management Association

"...the initial feedback has been very positive. It looks much better than our very generic site that we currently have. We like the color scheme & layout."
ATMA Board Member
Alabama Treasury Management Association

Humane Society Mountain Shelter

"I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for designing this site for us. It is fantastic, and ranks up on top of anything I have seen."
Dorothy Crowley, Director
Humane Society

March of Dimes

"Everything works beautifully!!!! Thank You."
Deborah Anderson, Director Alabama Chapter
March of Dimes


NetCentric was contacted to provide a low-cost e-commerce solution for the local owners of this chic ladies retailer. Since the website launch, NetCentric has assisted with customer retention, email marketing, website and store maintenance. (circa 2007)

Dixie Traditions

"You're the best at this!"
Lisa Ivey - Proprietor
Dixie Traditions

"I am one of those people that cannot always tell you exactly what I want but I can tell you when I see it. I think you have a good idea of what I am looking for."
Ben Renfroe, Proprietor

His Glory Company

"Thanks so much for your priceless help! You have been instrumental beyond measure in promoting our company!"
David Reynolds, Proprietor
His Glory

M&M Innovations
Dental White

"This looks fine - run with it!"
Dr. George Madray, President & Founder
Dr. George's Dental White


"I absolutely love the thinker. I had the ah ha experience with it and so did everyone else!"
Terri Kitchen, Proprietor


MLS Direct Network

"This looks good. I approve."
Andy Pitts, President
MLS Direct Network

BizTech Business Technology Development Center

"I am so excited to have a working web site. BESIDE SELF!!!"
Joanne Randolph, Director
BizTech Business Technology Development Center

Huntsville Business Ventures

"NetCentric has delivered several projects for companies that I am associated with, with very good results."
Keith Lowe, CEO
Huntsville Business Ventures

Gulas Group, Inc.

"The web site looks great."
Ted Gulas, President
Gulas Group


eMileage, Inc.

"Looks Good! Just afew tweks and we should be ready to go."
Dr. Peter Natale

J.Biz.Right, Inc.

"This is above fantastic - I have lots of dreams for the future..."
Alan Ballantine, Owner


" are truly a professional."
Carlos Ponce, President


AquaTex Industries

"...very responsive, delivering quick and accurate updates, while making my site markedly better. They continue to provide the critical web-presence for all new ventures, providing polished professional sites that mean business."
John Allen, Vice President


"More than once, NetCentric staffers offered design and content suggestions that turned out to be critical to the overall projection of my site. Pricing was extremely competitive, and I left the project feeling like I had received much more than I paid for. I have finally found a web design company that I can consistently rely on."
Chris Guilebeau, Web Entrepreneur
Almost Free Travel

Tucker Golf Corporation

"Having NetCentric design my company's Web site was one of the best investments that I have ever made. The quality of work that the NetCentric team provided was outstanding. They performed in a timely manor as well as within budget. I would highly recommend the NetCentric team and I will continue to use them for all of our company's Web site work."
Tucker Golf President
Tucker Golf

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