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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions NetCentric receives about our Internet Marketing and Web Services. Please contact us if you don't find the answer to your question.

  1. I have FrontPage™ or Internet-in-a-Box, do I need NetCentric?
    FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and other simplistic web design software packages are great for beginners to develop their first website. However, rarely are these implementations successful for a variety of reasons. These software packages are a means to an end - a website - not a successful Internet business. While they make it easy to launch a website, they fail to:

    • communicate a positive and effective message
    • announce your website and drive new visitors
    • establish visitor confidence
    • create desire and need for your offering
    • covert prospects into paying customers
    • ensure visitors return again or refer their associates

    The "Internet-in-a-box" and "start-your-own-business-online" packages are gimmicks designed to take advantage of the Internet's largest demographic - the inexperienced user. These packages promise all sorts of things but fail to provide the all inclusive strategy for the individual. In other words, they offer a bunch of strategies and ideas that may or may not be effective, suitable or even ethical for your business. Often they contain multiple freebies (sound familiar? "Get 100 free reports on how to be an Internet millionaire in 1 month") and endless promises of success. In summary, no software or all-in-one package can replace the expertise of a seasoned Internet Marketer.

  2. What's the difference between Internet Marketing and Web Design?
    Internet Marketing is a conclusive strategy whereas Web Design is merely a process of communicating. Internet Marketing takes into account a variety of different factors to develop a strategy for successfully conducting business on the Internet - whatever your business is. Web Design may or may not be a part of that strategy depending on your needs and your current online status. Internet Marketing often includes strategic research resulting in a tactical plan for best communicating your online message. A plan might include a new website or a redesigned website, or perhaps just a tweaking of your written or graphical content. A plan might also include a campaign for driving new visitors and building your brand name recognition (i.e., search engine optimization and promotion or a targeted email marketing campaign), or one of our many other Internet Marketing Services. Most important is the follow up work done with any Internet Marketing campaign - result reporting and further analysis. This service assures your marketing endeavors are performing and generating the results you desire.

  3. Do I really need Internet Marketing to succeed?
    Unlike other communication mediums developed in the past, the Internet has produced more failures and generated greater financial loss (since 1993) than all the other mediums combined. This frightening statistic should not deter you from chasing your Internet dreams but should bring a sense of reality to the task ahead of you. Many make the mistake of believing that just because the tools make it easy to develop a website, that anyone can succeed on the web. The fact is, successful websites spend more annually on promoting, marketing, maintaining, and growing their website than they did developing their website. If you're looking to make a "quick kill" on the Internet without paying your dues, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. However, with a solid Internet Marketing Strategy and a polished marketing support team, your dreams can become a reality.

  4. How does a project with NetCentric work?
    First, NetCentric spends the time necessary to understand your project and gather requirements. We then conduct the market and competitive research. These two all-so-important steps ensure we understand your offering, markets, customers, and competition. NetCentric then documents your project requirements in an easy-to-read format and works to refine these requirements until the document meets with your approval. Then and only then do we begin work on your project to produce the components necessary to meet your goals. To ensure your project stays on track, NetCentric provides a number of review and approval cycles. These reviews eliminate surprises and streamline communications by keeping you in the loop during the entire course of the project. As project components meet with approval and completion, they are put online and then monitored for performance. Performance results are then documented in an easy-to-digest executive summary.

  5. What if I don't like the direction my project is heading?
    Simply let NetCentric know at the earliest review and we'll ensure the project gets back onto the track you anticipated. Because of the frequent review and approval cycles, this is never a problem.

  6. How much does it cost to utilize NetCentric for my project?
    You can always be assured that NetCentric will do everything possible to meet your budgetary requirements or we won't accept your project. Because each project is different, it's very difficult to give hard numbers here. On the low-end, we help customers identify and purchase the best possible domain names for a few hundred dollars. Web Design customers are typically spending between $1500 and $3000 for a fully functional new website. We often achieve economy by utilizing existing code developed for other customers, modifying it to fit your requirements. When we do have to custom program certain functionality, we strive to use established Open Source products (Apache, PHP, MySQL, and more) because they are freely available and often function as good, if not better, than their commercial counterparts. Our marketing customers are spending thousands of dollars a year with us because their projects often span months if not years. The fact is, it's difficult to fine qualified and effective service providers in this business. While NetCentric provides best-of-class services and pricing frequently lower than our competitors - even less qualified competitors - you can be assured that there are cheaper services to be had. Many of our clients have had to learn this lesson the hard way. But now they will tell you, cheaper is rarely better. If we fail to earn your business now due to cost, we will look forward to earning your business further on down the road.

  7. I see you offer email marketing. Is that legal and/or ethical?
    NetCentric provides only legal and ethical email marketing services using only opt-in and double opt-in mailing lists. These lists are composed of people whom have requested information on certain topics. For that reason, they are targeted, effective and legal. The software we use ensures all messages are sent with "Can-SPAM" compliant email headers, footers, and unsubscribe functionality.

  8. How can my business get higher ranks in the search engines?
    Unless you plan on committing your professional career to understanding what the search engines are doing and how they are constantly evolving, contract with NetCentric for your search engine optimization and promotion projects. We kid you not, this is a full time effort, one not easily learned, expensive to experiment with, and frustrating to the novice. For solid strategies to get your website noticed in the search engines and drive targeted traffic, contact NetCentric today

  9. How can I be sure my Internet Marketing campaigns are performing?
    Once you have a campaign in place, NetCentric utilizes advanced analytic and reporting software to ensure and report on performance.

  10. What other creative services does NetCentric provide?
    As an online Marketing & Communications company, NetCentric provides all the creative services necessary to reach your audience. From graphic and multimedia design, to writing and editorial, to custom photographic services, NetCentric can Make Your Point - Make It Clicksm with the most appropriate creative services.

  11. Does NetCentric provide web hosting?
    Keeping abreast of all the changes within our industry is a challenge. So participating in an over-saturated industry like web hosting is not on our radar screen. But because our customers often require reliable and affordable web hosting solutions, NetCentric has formed strategic partnerships with a few trusted hosting companies. We can put you in touch with a trusted company to meet all your hosting requirements. These trusted partners work well with NetCentric to achieve your Internet Marketing goals.

  12. Once I have a finished website, can I maintain it myself?
    Absolutely yes. The questions you really should ask are: 1) will you have time to?, 2) do you know how to?, and 3) how will your changes affect your overall success? Making simple changes to a web pages's text or graphic content is fairly simple. But how do these changes affect your search engines rankings or your visitor's perception or confidence? If you don't know the answers to these questions, you'll probably want to use and experienced maintenance provider like NetCentric. More often than not, we can provide maintenance services more cost-effectively than those provided in-house.

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