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NetCentric offers a variety of targeted, creative, and compelling Internet marketing services to meet your promotion needs. Our Internet marketing campaigns are the digital equivalent to traditional marketing, and often complement printed media pieces. Our marketing campaigns are specially optimized to generate targeted interest, build brand awareness, drive web site traffic, inspire consumer confidence, and compel visitors to act. To ensure the best possible consumer reaction, each marketing campaign is composed of five separate processes: research/analysis, planning, creative, implementation, and tracking. This process has been proven to develop 'cold' prospects into 'warm' leads and even 'hotter' sales. Some of NetCentric's many marketing and promotion services include:

  • Online Advertising
    Whether you're buying ads or hosting them for others, NetCentric has a solution for you. We have over a decade of experience and have managed over a million dollars in campaigns across some of the Internet's top properties like Yahoo!, Google, CNET, ZDnet, Overture, and more. We also offer cost-effective solutions for hosting and selling advertising to your clients.

  • Email Marketing
    NetCentric offers a variety of email marketing services for building product and brand awareness, promoting your products and services, and communicating with confidence among your customers and prospects. We provide only lawful and ethical email marketing services and have teamed with the best vendors in the industry. This partnership empowers us to deliver 'true' opt-in email list population and management, robust HTML and text-based distribution, and thorough campaign performance reporting.

  • Search Engine Optimization & Promotion
    Don't design or redesign your web site until you understand search engine optimization. Despite moves by the major search engines toward a pay-per-listing model, search engine optimization is key getting listed on the remaining free search engines like Google (#1 search destination) and several others. Failing to optimize your site for the search engines will hamper your ability to drive qualified prospects to your web site. NetCentric also offers a variety of search engine promotion tactics for enhancing your listing within the search engines.

  • Link Network Building
    Beyond driving more traffic, link building is a requirement for achieving higher rankings on the search engines. NetCentric provides a number of manual and automated 'link popularity' solutions for soliciting quality links from other related web sites.

  • Building Online Sales Channels
    Building alternate sales channels is always a challenge. With NetCentric's affiliate network solutions, we can help you locate and qualify other businesses willing to advertise and promote your offering. A variety of sales model exist including commissioning and pay-per-lead systems.

  • Web Site Visitor Retention
    'Stickiness' has become a buzzword in the online community. It simply refers to the tactics a web site uses to keep visitors browsing their offering. In recent years, we've seen a tremendous surge in sticky tactics from the likes of Yahoo! (finance), (music), ESPN (sports), and MSN (games) as each vies for their share of the Internet audience. NetCentric's customer retention campaigns are designed to optimize the web site visitors' time on your web site as well as ensure their prompt return.

  • Viral Marketing
    "Forward-to-a-friend" tactics have become increasing popular as a means for generating targeted leads and prospects in a sensitive and efficient manner. Viral marketing takes this same concept to another level. NetCentric can employ a number of creative tactics for spreading your message via the Internet.

  • Multimedia Messaging
    Online multimedia is nothing new. What's new is the creative ways it's being implemented and the affordability. A variety of unique services are available to supplement your current web site. Audio can now be recorded via the phone and easily placed on your web site for that personal touch. Video can be streamed to show your offering in ways that 2-D pictures can't compete with. Animation can be used for everything from presales to customer support with very few limitations. Web teleconferences have become extremely effective as a way to communicate your message worldwide without the jetlag. And finally, webcasts (web telecasts) have brought the benefits of truly interactive TV to our desktops. The end result is better communications to a wider audience, enhanced interest, better accessibility, a progressive perception, and considerable savings in labor and travel costs.

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